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Canfei Nesharim is proud to provide administrative and staffing support for Jewcology, the web portal for the global Jewish Environmental Movement.  

Jewcology is a project of graduates of ROI (, who have come together to create a resource for the entire Jewish-environmental community.  Jewcology incorporates collaboration from a wide range of Jewish environmental leaders and organizations worldwide.  This project was funded by the ROI Innovation Fund.  

The long-term goal of this project is to build a multi-denominational, multi-generational, regionally diverse community of Jewish environmental activists, who are learning from one another and from an expanding set of Jewish-environmental resources, how to educate their communities about our Jewish responsibility to protect the environment.

On this website you can search a wide library of Jewish environmental resources, upload your own to share with the community, and join the global Jewish environmental conversation. 


Join us on Jewcology!